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One Year - Monthly Autopay at $64/month. Unlimited classes * Signed Contract Required

Two Year- Monthly Autopay at $49/month. Unlimited classes * Signed Contract Required

Student - $25/Month to Month. *Must be living on campus, provide a full time student schedule and be under the age of 22.

Gentle Yoga - $29/Month to Month *Gentle Classes only

Fitness Class

Drop-In Class

If you prefer to try it one class at a time, you can book a "drop-in class". Pick any of our classes to try and see if it's for you. $15 per session.

* Rolla Student Athlete $5 Drop in per session. * Must provide a current athletic pass and parent signed waiver.

Group Workout Session

Punchcard Pass

If you know you want to take a few classes, but not ready for a full membership you can also get the Picky Punchpass. 

* 50 Class Card $450

* 40 Class Card $380

* 30 Class Card $300

* 20 Class Card $210

* 10 Class Card $110


Our Classes



Our signature PIONEER class offers a variety of circuit training disciplines that will keep your workout new and fresh every time you attend.


Test your body's strength and endurance with TRX bands, Battle ropes, Burpees and more!


Muscle Confusion is the tool utilized in this class to keep our members away from the performance and weight-loss plateau.


Beyond the physical benefits, this class is designed for teamwork, building a comrade among members that offers motivation to maximize your efforts in achieving your fitness goals.


No one is alone, and no one is left behind. PIONEER is designed for the beginner to moderate Group Fitness attendee with interval training benefits as its main objective, a water bottle is recommended.

Fitness Level: 3/5

hot yoga.jpg


Hot Yoga is the general term for yoga performed in a climate-controlled studio with the heat set to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity at 40%.

Instructors creativity, offering alignment, introduction to various yoga genres, as well as instruction on yoga pose progressions.


Beyond the benefits of practicing yoga, experience better sleep, burning 40% more energy, and improved blood sugar by attending our Hot Yoga classes.


This class is designed for multiple levels to attend, beginner to advanced. A yoga mat, body towel and water bottle are highly recommended.

Yoga Level: 3/5
Fitness Level: 3/5



Enjoy a Hot Yoga experience through a low-impact toning session. In order to accelerate the effects of your workout, resistance training with hand-weights, bands, pilates and yoga will be led in an atmosphere of 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity.


  • Pilates

  • Strength Training

  • HIIT

  • Yoga


A yoga mat, body towel and water bottle are highly suggested.

Yoga Level: 2/5
Fitness Level: 4/5

Scorpion Pose


Turn up to the heat as we flow through vinyasa and work to hit our optimal performance in balance, strength and flexibility.


Light body-resistance and power movements are practiced through breath and fluid movement for efficiency and yoga endurance. 

Yoga Level: 3
Fitness Level: 4

Yoga Class


Vinyasa sequence that never changes. Offers consistent sequencing allowing yogis room to focus on breathing, alignment, progressions, and eventually making it their own.


Giving you the freedom to make this practice your own by adding modifications and/or progressions to basic poses lends this class the perfect place to start yoga flow!

Yoga Level: 1
Fitness Level: 2

Pilates Pose


Yoga and Pilates incorporated together.

Yoga Level: 1
Fitness Level: 2

Practicing Yoga


Vinyasa sequence at a faster pace. alignment training offered. Also offers higher cardio and strength endurance.

Yoga Level: 1
Fitness Level: 2

Lotus Pose


Relax, unwind and restore your mind, body, and spirit in this peaceful classroom setting. Spend time in recovery poses, deepening needed stretch and realignment for your body.


Meditate with the calming sounds of music and find your inner Zen!

Yoga Level: 1
Fitness Level: 1



Come join us for 9 rounds of kickboxing combos on our Title Kickboxing, Muay Thai bags! Wraps are mandatory and available to purchase at the studio for $15.


A free rental is given on your first class visit. Boxing gloves are optional and can also be purchased at the studio, or on your own.


Please refrain from wearing any jewelry or body oils when joining a Kickboxing class. 

Fitness level: 4/5


All membership packages include one training session per month.

Not sure which class is right for you?

Come on by and our trainers can help you find the perfect fit!