Benefits of Hot Yoga

It seems like everyone is going to a hot yoga class these days. You've thought about it, but you're not too sure what to expect. You've also had some questions about the practice. Let's see if we can answer some of those inquiries to determine whether hot yoga is the right style of practice for you.

What is Hot Yoga?

First of all, what is hot yoga? This is a style of yoga that is practiced in a studio that is heated anywhere between 98 and 106 degrees. This can certainly sound intense and a little intimidating. But with studios that feature infrared heating, the experience can be much more inviting. Instead of walking into a room that is already too hot, with an infrared heated studio, you walk into a comfortably tempered room that slowly heats up while you practice.

That way, your body becomes accustomed to the temperature rising. With conventional heat, the air temperature of the room is raised which can, for some, be uncomfortable and intolerable. Infrared heat is safer and has greater benefits when you're practicing yoga.

The idea of having a warmer environment in which to practice yoga is to help the muscles become more pliable. As you move and flow from pose to pose in a hot yoga class, you will feel more limber and agile. You'll also experience a greater range of motion throughout the body gaining you more access to the various poses you'll practice. As a result, you'll experience more flexibility in those tight muscles you want to relieve. This style of yoga can be a wonderful fitness routine for people because it targets the entire body.

Some of the Many Benefits

Our hot yoga classes have infrared heat which can help to increase circulation and detoxification. Because there is an increase in heart rate while practicing this style of yoga, it is a very good way to strengthen your cardiovascular system, much like doing cardio at the gym, but with less impact. And you'll experience the release of toxins through your sweat as you practice, too. You will feel so good after a hot yoga class; it has a cleansing and purifying effect that leaves you feeling radiant and energized.

Prepare for your Hot Yoga Class

So, if you're thinking about attending a hot yoga class soon, here are a few ways you can prepare yourself. Be sure to properly hydrate yourself before you attend class, ideally a few days beforehand is recommended. Drinking too much water right before a hot yoga class may lead to stomach discomfort or nausea during your class. You certainly don't want that. If you take a water bottle into class with you, take sips - not big gulps.

And since it's going to be hot, wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind sweating in. Moisture absorbing athletic wear would be appropriate for this style of yoga class. Bring a towel to lay over your yoga mat to catch the dripping sweat. Otherwise, you may end up with a wet slippery yoga mat. Tie your hair back or wear a head band that can catch the sweat. You want to be able to focus purely on your yoga experience rather than the sweat pouring down your face.


Now you're ready to enjoy the many benefits of a hot yoga class. Not only will you enjoy muscle flexibility, greater circulation, and detoxification, but you'll also gain strength, endurance, stability, balance, a keener sense of focus, and a greater appreciation, acceptance and awareness of yourself - the true meaning of yoga.

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